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Neda Waterfall

          Sports-Activities-ideas  during your stay to BW Irida Resort

  1. Visiting the unique Neda River with 3 natural waterfalls (N37 23.576' & E21 49.435') and  exploring the unique Cave Stomion with Mysteries, ESP phenomena, a gate to Ades and watch the 3 species of bats.

  2. The Temple of Epicurious Apollo or Bassae, always pointing the North with nearby ruins of Temples, of Artemis and Afrodite.

  3. The Mt. Lykaion (N37 26.983' & E21 59.036') with Temple of Zeus-Dias, Sanctuary of Pan and the Lykosoura,  with Temple of Despoina and Demeter.

  4. The Olympia with the New Museum, with famous statues,  Hermes of Praksitelis and Nike of Paioniou.

  5. The Ancient Ithomi,or Ancient Messene in Mavromati (well maintained  Ancient city, 8th century B.C.), near Voulcano.

  6. The medieval Castles, in Kyparissia (Ano Polis), Kyllini-Chlemoutsi,  Methoni, Koroni, Pylos, Kalamata.

  7. Museum in Chora and Nestor's Palace in Kato Eglianos

  8. The vaulted tombs of King Nestor's in Peristeria-called "Small Mycenae". The biggest one is 12 meters wide and 25 m tall, 5 cm smaller than Atreus. Tombs also there are at Psari and Malthi.

  9. The Old Port in Katakolo, Kaiafas beach with the gold sand and the hot-water springs, the Lepreon and many places well-known from Homer's Odyssey.

  10. Christian Miracles like Saint Theodora's Chapel in Vasta, with 30 huge trees rooted on the roof.

  11. Abeliona-Sklirou-Andritsaina-Karytaina to get in touch with Villagers for a few hours, sharing  their life.

  12. Famous Beaches like, Voidokoilia, Sani, Lagouvardos, Vromoneri, Mavrovouni, Kompoi, Ag. Giannakis, Vounaki, Elaia, Giannitsohori, Tholon, Neohori, Kakovatos, Kaiafas.

  13. To share unforgettable experiences, like watching, and touching the cute young sea turtles, Caretta-Caretta crawling on the sand.

  14. To join to Olive Harvesting, (from November to January) an age-old tradition in Messinia Greece, a special programme, taking place in our own landscape.  All of our guests have the opportunity to learn first hand one of the daily life parts of every Messinian, get involved with the traditional method of collecting the olives and discover the way to produce your own olive oil.
  15. Sailing to small uninhabited isles, like the Oenussae islands, (Sapientza, Schiza, Agia Mariani ), Sfaktiria, Venetiko,  Proti, Islet Meropi at Kardamyli, ideal places to visit by yacht or boat, to the South of Messinia.  A few miles away are Strofades, Zakynthos, Ithaca, and Kefallonia.

  16. Few hours of swimming, snorkeling, yoga, stand up paddling and watching the sunset, sunbathing (heliotherapy) or fun on the beaches of Kalo Nero, Elaia, Niohori, Zaharo, Kaiafas.

  17. For adventurous, enjoyable trekking go to Platania-Neda-Figaleia or for walking in the nearby mountains.

  18. Eating fresh Fish in Kalo Nero, Kakovatos, Marathopolis, Kato Melpeia. 

  19. Tasting roast suckling pig-''psiti gourounopoula'' in Kalo Nero or Greek souvlaki, delicious wild Cock with hylopittes, kagiana, mousaka, patsitsio, regional ouzo of ''Daraios'' and Messinian wine.

  20. An excursion to Neda waterfalls, for swimming at the beautiful blue lagoon. An Excursion to Pylos, Niokastro, Voidokilia Beach.

  21. Canyoning in the Nedas gorge: Ideal season: May- October. Fairly easy 3˝ hour route of exceptional beauty or rafting at Lousios or Alfeios River.

  22. Dining: The Mediterranean menu usually includes a variety of seasonal salads with the traditional "Greek salad" to be at the top of the preferences among the guests. As a main dish, you can select either grilled beef and pork or fresh fish. All taverns in Kalo Nero Beach will guarantee you a great variety of fresh fish daily. In most cases you can visit the kitchen and select the fresh fish that you like.

  23. Horse back riding in Greece: Riding a horse in the countryside gives you a sense of well-being and helps release your physical and spiritual forces.

  24. Sea Kayaking in Messinia is a mild activity directed at anyone who wants to try it. Sea kayaking at Voedokilia. Kitesurf,Surf/S.U.P,Windsurf with private lessons or rentals, is also available.
  25. Sea-skiing in ideal Kaiafas Lake, used for Olympics training.
  26. Hiking in mountainous Messinia-Arkadia: Ideal season: All year round. A 3 hour hike in the Lousios gorge with stops at the historical monasteries and the area’s archaeological sites (Hidden school, Gortina, Timiou Prodromou Monastery).
  27. Hot dogging in the rivers Lousios and Alfeios: Ideal season: September - October, May - July
  28. Hydrospeed : Descending a river with a special boat.
  29. EXTREME… …somewhere between panic and boredom there is a sense, a situation, that is called euphoria. Only then our body can reach 100% of its abilities, mentally and physically. Search for it ...
  30. Motivation/ Incentive trips, team building training programmes, conference programmes and promotion programmes, staying at Irida Resort.
  31. Mountain biking: An activity designed for everyone especially bicycle lovers. Exercise and relieve yourself from the past week’s stress.

  32. Trekking to the path of Ancient Figaleia-Temple of Athena-ancient Fountain- Ancient Walls, Ancient Cemetry, Nedas arched bridge, Vassae, Stili, Sklirou

  33. Bird-watching at Neda Gorge and photographing the rare animal ''vidra'' (Lutra lutra)

  34. Services of Massage-Aromatherapy-Reflexology-Thai Massage-Lymph Drainage, Energy classes (privates) on site.

  35. Exploring at Peristeria the "Stoixeiorema Gorge", miniature of Neda with waterfalls, springs and unique sceneries.

  36. Scuba diving & Snorkeling For Messinia, Greece, at isle Proti near Marathopolis. Scuba diving lessons can lead to PADI Certification. Special programmes for chilren aged 10+. Educational and fun day trips. A day trip with a difference. You can cruise the Ionian waters on a traditional wooden Greek boat.

  37. Enjoy the  summer on your private yacht around Greek islands.Wide range luxury yachts to charter from Sailing yachts -Motor boats - Motor sailing relaxing people, families, clubs, skilled yachtsman.

  38. Kalo Nero Beach is the mecca of surfing, as well as Lagouvardos. People converge here every winter to ride the biggest and best waves in Peloponnese.

  39. Signature therapies based on the teachings of Hippocrates, the ‘father' of western medicine, like eleotherapy (olive-oil treatments), which includes, thalassotherapy, ice-grotto rooms, mist showers and herbal saunas. These therapies are based on ancient local practices inscribed on clay tablets discovered at the nearby Palace of Nestor. The word "Anazoe" is derived from the Greek word for rejuvenation and encapsulates the underlying aim of the spa, total revitalization of body and spirit in accordance with the ancient Greek axiom "a healthy mind in a healthy body".

  40. Playing tennis at Agrilis or Costa Navarino courts. Enjoy the pleasure of golf, tennis, mini-tennis, padel, squash, badminton, table tennis, beach racket, Cardio Tennis, beach tennis or speedminton or take tailored lessons from professional coaches at Racquet Academy.

  41. Golf in Messinia

    The Dunes Course Costa NavarinoEnjoy a round of golf at Greece’s first signature designed golf course…

    Designed by former US Masters champion and Ryder Cup Captain Bernhard Langer in association with European Golf Design, the par-72 seaside Dunes Course ventures into olive groves and along a small river, whilst links-style features add to its unique playability.Golfers of all levels can benefit from multi-lingual coaching with experienced Head PGA Professional who will also help beginners take their first steps.After your game, relax with a drink or meal in the comfort of the Dunes Clubhouse.The Dunes Course is 3 km from Hotel Navarone.

    Taking private lessons of Golf, for players of all levels, at the par-72 Seaside Course designed by Bernhard Langer or at 18 hole Course, designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. The golf courses are managed by Troon Golf, the world's largest luxury-brand golf management, development and marketing company. These activities are held at Costa Navarino's facilitiespermises.

  42. Swimming at 7 lakes of Polylimnio with the Nymphs, near Haravgi village.

  43. Turtle tours, watching Caretta-Caretta, are offered along the Kalo Nero Beach, twice at night, in front of Best Western Irida Resort beach. Sea divers explore from the end of the road for a thrilling experience.

  44. Having cook lessons for preparing Greek cuisine  meals like pastitsio, mousaka, kayiana, pies, pasto, at Irida Resort

  45. Irida Resort is a perfect place for visiting the wine regions of Messinia, nestled in the heart of Wine Country with traditional vineyards located in Trifylia area. Especially for gourmets and wine-lovers we have selected the very best of wine to take advantage of wine tastings, wine festivals and vineyards. Give them a try! We also make our unique ''Cabernet"' wine.

  46. Enjoying Massage, Aromatotherapy, Holistic Energy therapies, Reiki, Lymph drainage, Thai massage at our hotel.

  47. Sailing Lessons about sailboats, navigation and safety, Learn to sail a yacht in the Ionian Sea in Greece and power boating courses. Yacht Charter Reservations round the Messinia islands from 50 euro per person per day. You can have carefree moments full of adventure.

  48. Joining to Piloshofical walkings through  your stay to BW Irida Resort.We have a perfect Weather with mild climate and marvelous landscapes, things which help you broaden your mind, enrich your spirit.

  49. Broaden your horizons by engaging in authentic cultural experiences as you participate in traditional harvesting activities, try your hand at wine making, learn about the history and techniques of Byzantine iconography, or expand your culinary skills with cooking lessons.

  50. Photographing idyllic, inspiring for artists, sceneries and landscapes, you have  opportunity to photograph dolphins and sea turtles, at Ionian Sea.                                                                                                                                                 Watch local artisans ply their traditional crafts and immerse yourself in the themed or special seasonal events based on the region’s intriguing customs

    Many of the activities involve acquainting youngsters with Messinia, though the emphasis is on having fun as they go in search of the rare African chameleon, learn about the local flora and fauna with a special program devised by National Geographic, delve into the magical world of Greek mythology, and unearth secrets as junior  archaeologists. Undiscovered… but easily accessible via direct international flights to nearby Kalamata or Patras- Araxos International Airports and regular domestic services from Athens and Thessaloniki. Also within short driving distance from Athens and the port of Patras, this land will welcome you with sunshine and mild. It was wise King Nestor of ancient Pylos who first gave meaning to the word hospitality when he befriended complete strangers. This is a place where friendship is in the highest volume.

    In order to join in some of the above activities you have to book them before your arrival.

Epikourios Apollon Temple

Distances from Kalo Nero to Platania 24 km, to Ancient Figaleia 25.5 km, to Epicurious Apollo-Vassai 45 km, to Andritsaina 54 km, to Karytaina 60 km.


Sunset in front of Irida Resort

Nedas the famous river that travels you to the Greek mythology or the way of your dreams.

Generally driving distances are small and a cultural excursion can be combined with a superb meal.
You can taste over 50 specialties according the Greek Mediterranean cuisine.
Staying in Kalo Nero is a unique chance for holidays in the country of Gods, Greece, near all major, archaeological and historical places like Olympia, Ithomi, Mystras, Monemvasia. Kalo Nero Avlonos Kyparissias is a favourite with both locals and visitors thanks to its traditional Greek taverns that serve local specialties, like rost small pig, a wide variety of sea food,


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