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Polylimnion Lakes

The unique Neda River with natural waterfalls, the Temple of Apollo always pointing the North, the Lykaion- Temple of Zeus-Dias, the Lykosoura, the Olympia with famous Hermes of Praksitelis statue, the medieval Castles, in Kyllini, Kyparissia, Methoni, Koroni, the vaulted tombs of King Nestor's in Peristeria, the old port in Katakolo, the pine-clad Kaiafas beach with the gold sand and the hot- water springs, suitable for Cholelithiasisand kidney stones,  the Lepreon and many places well-known from Homer's Odyssey, are some of the many places that worth's one to visit.

Epikourios Apollo's Temple

You have to remember that the area constitutes a unique ecological park of protection and investigation of turtle Caretta-Caretta (Natura area). The visitor is been called to respect the laws of the nature, to share unforgettable experiences, like watching, and touching the cute young turtles, Caretta-Caretta crawling on the sand. The Irida Resort is provided with reception and a private farm with fruit trees.


In Greek Mythology, Iris - Irida is the personified Goddess of the rainbow. She is regarded as the messenger of the Gods to humankind, and particularly of the Goddess Hera whose orders she brought to humans. She is able to change shapes and when delivering messages to mortals Iris assumes the appearance of a mortal known to those who receive the message.

Generally driving distances are small and a cultural excursion can perfectly be combined with a few hours of swimming, fun on the beach or walking in the mountains.
You can taste over 50 specialties according the Greek Mediterranean cuisine.
Staying in Kalo Nero is a unique chance for holidays in the country of Gods, Greece, near all major, archaeological and historical places like Olympia, Ithomi, Vasses, Pylos, Mystras, Monemvasia. Kalo Nero Avlonos Kyparissias is a favourite with both locals and visitors thanks to its traditional Greek taverns that serve local specialties, like suckling pig-rost small pig ''psiti gourounopoula'', a wide variety of sea food, regional ouzo and Messinian wine.

Irida Resort is a perfect place, nestled in the heart of Wine Area, for visiting the wine regions of Messinia, one of the best-known, romantic, wine producing regions with traditional vineyards located in Trifylia. Especially for gourmets and wine-lovers we have selected the very best of wine to take advantage of wine tastings, wine festivals and vineyards. 
Give them a try! Soak up the atmosphere during a wine tasting or a stroll through the vineyards.

It is highly recommended to make an excursion to Neda waterfalls, for swimming at the beautiful blue laggoon. Surely Kalo Nero's trademark is Neda, the famous river that travels you to the Greek mythology or the way of your dreams. The river hides a huge variety of pictures: torrents, tributaries, ravines, hills with luxuriant vegetation, idyllic lagoons the canyon of incredible beauty, the dark cave (Stomio) with bats, small or big waterfalls, arched bridges... everything is impressive! Every year it attracts a lot of people to adventurous enjoyable trekking.

Near Kalo Nero there are small uninhabited isles, like the Oenussae islands, Proti, Sfaktiria, Schiza, Venetiko, Agia Mariani, ideal places to visit by yacht or boat, to the South of Messinia. A few miles away are Strofades, Zakynthos, Ithaca, and Kefallonia.


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