Pet Policy

Pet Policy for Irida Resort Suites

To help pet-loving travelers know what they can expect when staying at our pet-friendly hotel, we have approved a minimum and consistent policy for our hotel.

Firstly, we allow up to two domestic dogs in a rented room. The size limit for any one animal is 55 pounds (25kg). At our discretion we can accept other pet types such as cats, birds, monkeys, or other animals . Therefore, the hotel will have to pre-approve animals other than dogs that fit the size requirements.
Secondly, a refundable damage deposit of up to €50 per stay will take effect out of all guests with pet(s). If damages occur due to a pet’s stay, the hotel may decide the amount due to the hotel based on the extent of the damage.
Thirdly, all pet-friendly owners shall establish reasonable rules with regard to the care and supervision of pets while at the property that shall be provided to, acknowledged by, and signed by guests upon check-in.


Irida Resort Suites, is the ultimate South Peloponnese location for visiting four legged friends and their companions. Pampered pets and their adoring owners enjoy spacious rooms, tail-waggin amenities. Pets can lay back and gaze at the garden or plan a day playing in the beach. At Irida Resort Suites, the possibilities are endless!

Pet Policy


• Your pet(s) should have all recommended vaccinations currently up-to-date, from a licensed veterinarian. Irida Resort Suites, has the right to request this information from you at any time.
• Irida Resort Suites charges a onetime, non-refundable €20 cleaning fee per pet, in your room. However, no deposit is necessary for medical service animals, as long as the pet display certification tags or certification papers are provided in order to waive the fee.
• Guests have to supervise their pets at all times while in the hotel or on the property.
• Irida Resort Suites allows non-aggressive domestic pets.
• Guests are responsible for pet waste clean-up inside the hotel and throughout the property grounds.
• Guests have to leash or restrain their pets at all times in public spaces in the hotel or on the property.
• Irida Resort Suites allows a maximum of two pets per room.
• If a pet is left unattended and is inconveniencing our guests, you will receive a warning from the hotel. On the second violation, a $100 “time out” fee is assessed by Irida Resort Suites.
• Pets are not allowed in food & beverage outlets.
• Don’t leave pets alone on the balcony.

Guests are responsible for all personal injuries and/or property damage related to their pet(s). Therefore, the guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless Irida Resort Suites, the hotel, its operators and owners and their respective affiliates from all liability and/or damage suffered as a result of their pet(s).


Irida Resort Suites allows guests and their pets to enjoy the outdoors with a walk by the ocean or simply to sit and bask in the sun. Therefore, the road near the sea has benches and a waste station.


People do walk their dogs on the beach after sundown. However, we advise caution as far as walking dogs near the sea.