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The Irida Resort Family hotel Suites, is located, only a few steps away from the Kalo Nero pristine beach, in one of the most beautiful beaches of Kyparissia. In the last years, the area present increasing tourism development and it has become in one of the most popular destinations in Peloponnese. Irida Resort is located in one of the most beautiful spots of Kalo Nero beach, near to the nests of the Mediterranean sea turtle Caretta-Caretta. The hotel is located in 7 acres of land. Here you can enjoy nature’s gifts of sun, sand and surf and it is eco-friendly, an environmentally-friendly Best Western hotel, n West Peloponnese, the ultimate eco-chic retreat!

It is open all year around, offering to the visitors accommodation in reasonable prices and warm family atmosphere.

The hotel is owned and operated by a Classic Greek family and is very close to the beach,  built in two wings,  designed so all of the balconies of the apartments have view to the sea.

The studios are built in order to cover all the modern needs of a family and they combine comfort, luxury and functionality. The hotel offers a free guarded and gated car-park with capacity of 20 spots, most of these are shaded by the pine trees.

logo of Irida Resort Suites

logo of Irida Resort Suites

In Greek Mythology, Iris – Irida is the personified Goddess of the rainbow. She is regarded as the messenger of the Gods to humankind, as Hermes is the Messenger between Gods, particularly of the Goddess Hera whose orders she brought to humans. She is able to change shapes and when delivering messages to mortals Iris-Irida assumes the appearance of a mortal familiar to those who receive the message.So, be sure to meet at BW Irida Resort, new people with fresh ideas, new cultures, to sense and live new experiences.

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