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Experience the culture, history and beautiful scenery of Kyparissian Gulf, from the saddle of a bike .

A bicycle tour allows you to find things that might have been missing, if you were in a car. Enjoy a chance encounter with a local, a stunning landscape, the sights and sounds of nature up close, ancient ruins or a secluded cove.

Follow one of the many bike paths or even make one of your own. Choose what suits you more, cycling for training or just riding for  fun.  Fill your lungs with fresh air, with that,  you contribute your bit to fight for the protection of nature and the greenhouse effect.

You are, in paradise cyclists, with guaranteed sunshine. Because of the exceptional weather conditions, in the area, everyone can be satisfied by cycling, all year round. Here, it is very rare to meet strong winds.

Within 10 km you can go through rocky terrain in soil and very steep, level allowing you to experience all in a very short time.

We can organize your trip through different landscapes combining mountain biking, the lacy beaches, tranquil vineyards and plantations of olive trees with fascinating ancient ruins of history like: Vounaki, Peristeria, Castle of Kyparissia,  Malthi, Lepreon, Prasidaki, Olympia, Pylos,  etc.

Now as a certified ‘Bike Friendly Hotel’, an accreditation awarded by the nonprofit making organization NATTOUR in cooperation with the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (EEPF). The Irida Resort Suites, belongs to an exclusive list of destinations in Greece that have earned the ‘bike-friendly’ label.

We love cycling, we welcome cyclists and support cycling activities in the area of Mesinnia.


bikes at Irida Resort Suites

bike friendly  at Irida Resort Suites

Bike friendly facilities offered by the Irida Resort Suites

  1. Indicated route map of cycling routes in the area in digital and printed form
  2. Safe bike deposit area or cleaning bike service
  3. Bike tool set available at all times
  4. Daily washing/drying service
  5. There is available, rental and repair bike shop service
  6. Bike renting facilities inside the premises
  7. Organised cycling tours in collaboration with experienced and independent guides,
  8. Bike rack inside the premises
  9. Mini-van rental for transporting bicycles
  10. Lunchbox preparation on site (including fruits, sandwiches energy drinks & gels)
  11. Tired cyclists can relax by taking advantage of our massage services and bring the day to a truly satisfying end, after a spin through the vibrant landscape of Messinia.
  12. Bike services presentation at hotels’ website
  13. Electric bicycle battery charging point.