• On May 17, is the feast of St. Athanasios Christianoupoleos, wherein celebrates the church of Agios Athanasios.
  • The day of the Holy Spirit, the church celebrates the Holy Trinity in the Old City and is a three-day folk festival with live music in the space beneath the church.
  • On the first Sunday after the Holy Spirit, All Saints Day is celebrating at the chapel of All Saints East of Kyparissia. After the church service, the Commercial Association Kyparissia organizes a feast in the courtyard of the church with plenty of free food and wine to the attendees. The previous day, Saturday all the shops are open during the night, until next morning. There is free food, free drink, free offerings-kerasmata- for everyone. It is called ”lefki nykta of Kyparissia”, it means white night.
  • On September 8, the feast at Katsimikada Monastery. Wines and roast meat are offered.
  • On September 14, the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Stavroproskyniseos, the Church celebrates the Annunciation. The surrounding streets of the church host a large fair which lasts seven days (from 12/9 to 17/9).
  •  On November 21, the Church celebrates the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Upper Town.

Every Saturday there is an outdoors market in the space next to the Town Hall in the morning. In the popular market farmers and vendors from the City and the wider region participate and sell vegetables, fruits, plants, clothing, footwear, household items and more. Please note that the street market takes place since 1956.

Various games are being conducted throughout the whole, almost, summer period:

  • Every August is held by MESK, at Kyparissia the International Festival Traditional Dances.
  • In July a Naval Week takes place, including swimming contests.
  • Bike contests / races.
  • Various events organized by the Municipality, which include music concerts, theatre performances, painting exhibitions, bazaars with old objects and antiques, in the large cobbled street of Ano Polis; also, local products are being exhibited and traditional dances are being performed.
  • Among the events of the surrounding villages, the wine feast is the most outstanding; also a feast of the okra and the water-melon takes place.
  • Furthermore, in the second ten days of September the large trade fair takes place by reason of the celebration of the “Stavros” (Cross).
  •  Various local Unions also organize some conferences.