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Hot Thermal Springs Kaiafa-Vromoneri

Hot Springs

The Thermal Springs of Kaiafas is a geological formation that consists of two springs located inside a naturally formed cave in the foot of the mountain Lapithas. The water comes out at a temperature of 32-34 °C of the spring contains an important concentration of sulfur compounds, notably Magnesium Sulphate and Calcium Sulphate, and is also rich in minerals.

It has been reputed since ancient times to have therapeutic properties and it has indeed been medically attested to be of a curative character for musculoskeletal diseases and conditions. There is a spa facility exactly outside of the cave’s mouth. Furthermore, the spring at the cave Gerani is also indicated for positherapy. It is suitable for Cholelithiasis and kidney stones. Nearby there is the pine-clad Kaiafas beach with the gold sand. The site of Kaiafas Thermal springs is endowed with a beautiful natural environment, nowadays protected under the NATURA 2000 regime. A lake opens up at the mouth of the cave and the tourist facilities, is built on an islet within the Kaiafas Lake. The lake and cave area has been a tourist attraction for millennia, originally being the center of the myth of the Anigrides, to whom people would pray, and bathe in their waters in order to cure afflictions like leprosy.  As mentioned above, the springs were visited already in antiquity.

If you like hot springs, there are just seven kilometers from Gargalianoi. There are the sources of Vromoneri, with sulfurous waters, whose odor is as intense as their therapeutic power.