Natural Beauties
Peristeria Gorge – Fairies River Neraidorema

peristeria4From the Northern side of the Archaeological site of Peristeria, there is a lovely path lined with bushes and trees. You pass though a small pine-forest. At the end of the path (after about 20 minutes of walking) is the spring with running fresh crystal water, old plane trees and the canyon with stalactites. The Arcadian River or “River of Arcadia” accompanies hikers on certain points of the route. For the better crossing of the gorge, as the whole route is in water, shorts or bathing suits and shoes suitable for water are required. A torch is needed to see all the stalactites. Don’t forget your camera to keep memories for the whole life. It is Peristeria Gorge. The locals call it “Stoixeiorema Gorge”, because they believe that nymphs Nereids-Fairies live there. It is a miniature of Neda River with waterfalls, springs and unique sceneries. The view is fantastic and watching the walls of the gorge you will find many crafts of the Nature with faces, shapes, forms from another world. The music of running water will accompany you.

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