Messinian paths, outdoor activities

Philosophy Walks for Democracy & Ancient Greek Technology

Discuss “Politics, Economy & Ancient Drama” through the prism of Ancient Greek philosophical thinking. A discussion led by Mr.Kostas  Master in Economics,  leads you deep in the paths of  Philosophy, takes place during a leisurely walk in the idyllic Messinian countryside, amidst hundreds of centuries-old olive trees.

A Walk in Nature

Our staff will be your guide to our herb and vegetable gardens, where you can pick herbs, greens, fruits and vegetables, while learning all about their unique beneficial properties.

Olive Oil Tasting

Join an olive oil tasting session and learn from local experts how to discern the subtle flavors of the region’s renowned extra virgin olive oil. Messinia produces superior quality olive oil that has been part of people’s daily lives for centuries.

Messinian Authenticity: Traditional Cooking Experience

Discover the beauty and culture of Messinia by engaging in traditional activities. Visit our picturesque village home and delve into traditional Messinian cooking with the help of local women who will share authentic family recipes passed down from mother to daughter. Followed by a traditional dinner with the ladies.

Various pittes -Pitsa pie-Rich Buffet breakfast with local fresh Messinian products at Irida Resort Suites Kalo Nero Beach Kyparissia

Various pittes -Pitsa-Rich Buffet breakfast with local fresh Messinian products at Irida Resort Suites Kalo Nero Beach Kyparissia

Astronomy Night

Become an astronomer for a night and investigate the cosmos from a Messinian viewpoint. This exploration of the night sky is offered Exclusive by Irida Resort Suites.

Rafting, Sea kayak, Rappel – Flying Fox, Paintball, Monoraft – Hot Dog, Canyoning at Neda or Lousios river, River trekking, Videos, Extrene sports,  Karitaina

Rafting at Lousios and Alpheus Rivers

The descent rafting starts from the bridge of the river Lousios, Atsicholos. Listening to the driver’s commands, we paddle in the crystal clear waters of the river through a tunnel of trees and plants. The rocks found in the river, creating exciting passages and obstacles, offering a unique experience for the duration of rafting.


After a while, Lousios River flows into the Alpheus, where we continue rafting passing under stone bridges to stop

just before the gorge of Alpheus the impressive stone bridge over the Cuckoo.

All above are organized by Peripeteia Company.



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