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Snorkeling-Scuba diving

Scuba diving & Snorkeling at Messinia, Greece, at isle Proti near Marathopolis. Scuba diving lessons can lead to PADI Certification. Special programmes for children aged 10+. Educational and fun day trips. A day trip with a difference. You can cruise the Ionian waters on a traditional wooden Greek boat.

The scuba diving sites are varied and well protected, with breathtaking topography and an abundance of Mediterranean aquatic life. Types of Dives: Wall, wreck, drift, cavern. Visibility, Generally good throughout the year ranging from 15-30 meters for shore dives and up to 40 meters on boat dives. Water temperature: 26-28 degrees Celsius in July/August, 14-16 degrees Celsius in February/April.

Messinia is ideal place for snorkeling because the Visibility in the seas of Messinia is excellent and it is regarded between the best in the world. There is a great variety of fish and sea-plants,no currents. The seabed in most beaches is rocky and this means a wider variety of sea life. The fewer people on a beach, the better for the snorkeling. People usually gather in sandy beaches and these are not ideal for snorkeling. Besides, the noise created by people can drive the fish away or make them allusive to spot. It is better to go snorkeling early in the morning or late in the afternoon, one to two hours before sunset.