Undoubtedly baptism dream for the little protagonist of life you would like to look like something out through fairytale. To give joy, tenderness, optimism, your immense love for your baby. Be dreamy and fairytale, full of incredible colors and flowers, sweet perfumes, playful and surrounded by favorite childhood heroes. Whatever style of baptism you have dreamed BW Irida Resort can be the perfect backdrop.

All our spaces can be tailored to the needs and desires to decorate and adorn in style and in line with the aesthetic that expresses you. Knowing very well in our area, we will guide you so that you get the most features, but also its beauty.

Because in such circumstances your time is precious will take care to limit your minimum stress for the organization of the reception of your baby’s christening. All you need to do is to book a personal appointment with us and let our knowledge and many years of experience to guide you.