Museum Iliopoulos Filiatra

Museum Iliopoulos Filiatra

Panos & Elias Iliopoulos Museum   The Museum of Panos & Elias Iliopoulos is housed in a building, which facade reminds something of the old architecture of the houses that…

Leisure Activities

Treatments with olive Oil for body and soul

 We can help you find the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Messinia area. All trees number their age in decades; the olive tree numbers it’s own in millennia….

Wine tasting
Ecological Getaways

Wine tasting, Messinia

Irida Resort Suites is a perfect place, nestled in the heart of Messinia wine Area, for wine tastings. You can visit the wine regions of Messinia. One of the best-known,…

beach at Irida Resort Suites

Messinian paths, outdoor activities

Philosophy Walks for Democracy & Ancient Greek Technology Discuss “Politics, Economy & Ancient Drama” through the prism of Ancient Greek philosophical thinking. A discussion led by Mr.Kostas  Master in Economics, …

Natural Beauties

Gialova wetland

Gialova wetland   Gialova Messinia is a coastal village in important historical site in Navarino Bay, north of Pylos Next beach is Gialova, which is actually two beaches – Golden…

Pyramid of Taygetos
Natural Beauties

Mountain Taygetos with Pyramid

Mountain Taygetos with a Natural Pyramid Taygetos is the tallest and most important mountain not only of Messinia, but for the entire Peloponnese. It’s impressive and legendary, Taygetos dominate the…

Natural Beauties

Dyros Caves – Neolithic Museum

Dyros Caves – Neolithic Museum Just south of Areopolis, Tower Dyros, from here you can buy pottery and souvenirs at pretty good prices, as we descend the coastal location of…

Natural Beauties

Forest Foloi

 Forest Foloi   The forest of Folois is one of the most rare and unique forests in the Europe. Located in the Mountains of Ileia, not far from Ancient Olympia….

Natural Beauties

Saint Theodora

Saint Theodora-Agia Theodora Vasta Coming out of Megalopolis towards Kalamata, we found on our right an intersection with exit to the village of Isar. After 16 km we reach the…

Ancient Messini museum, Ithomi

Benakeion Archaelogical Museum of Kalamata

Benakeion Archaelogical Museum of Kalamata 6 Papazoglou St, tel. 27210 63100 Opening hours: Open daily (except Monday) 8:00-14:30   Located on the corner of Benaki and Papazoglou streets, the museum…